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Booster Meeting Agenda - August 6, 2009

Booster Meeting Agenda
August 6, 2009

Welcome to everyone! Welcome new and experienced parents. Just as our daughters are a team… the parents are also a team!

Starting next month, Booster Meetings will be the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Each dancer is required to have a parent present at each monthly Booster Meeting.

Committee Signup


* Trying to eliminate multiple emails.
* You should only receive emails from the AFA Competition Team
( ) and AFA (
* Please DO NOT respond to these emails
* For AFA Competition Team questions/concerns, please email Jennifer Deaver at
* For AFA questions/concerns, please email Suzanne at or Whitney


Trying something new… please check our New AFA Dance Booster Club Blog at

* The blog will include…

1. Meeting Minutes
2. Lost and Found
3. AFA Competition Team Calendar
4. Updates and Announcements
5. Pictures
6. Other AFA Competition Team news

Misti Hollrah will be in charge of posting on the Blog. To submit items, please forward items to Misti at

4. Fundraisers

Current fundraisers scheduled…
July 31- Cookie Dough (I)
Aug 8- Car Wash @ Hy-Vee 9-1 (I)
Sept- Launch Magazine-ongoing fundraiser (did last year-great for renewal and
gifts) (I)
Oct- Pasta Fun (I)
Nov- Christmas wreaths (I)
Dec- Breakfast w Santa
Dec - Holiday performances
Jan/Feb - Snowflake twirling contest

* This list can be added to…we are always looking for new fundraisers.

* Some fundraisers are Individual Fundraisers as denoted above with (I). The amount
earned will be applied directly to the individual student Booster account. Or in some
cases, the amount earned will be divided between the number of students that participate
and again applied to their Booster account.

* Other fundraisers will be voted on by the group as to whether or not they are individual
or group fundraisers. IF the group decides that a fundraiser is a group fundraiser and a
family cannot participate, the family will be required to have a buy out to be determined
by the amount raised.

Group fundraisers go into the overall booster fund and help pay for incidental expenses
(teacher hotel costs at competitions, flowers/food for booster families, interim lessons,
start-up for next year).

5. Dance Competition Videos

* At dance competitions, Boosters buys the team video and each family can purchase a copy
of the video (cost will be determined by the cost of the video divided by those that
participate.) This cost will be applied directly to your booster bill.

* Generally the cost will be between $10 to $30 per competition. For
instance, if a video costs $250/25 families = $10).

A sign up sheet will go around at the next meeting for you to designate whether you want
to be included in this.

6. Bag Check List

7. Other Business

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