Thursday, August 27, 2009

Costumes: Cirque

Below is a detailed list for costumes for Cirque. Please take note of who you need to get a costume from, and the cost for that costume. It is your responsibility to have this costume in your possession by September 14. If any alterations need to be made, please call Wanda to set up an appointment for a fitting. Please see her as soon as you receive the costume as she is very busy and her schedule if filling up fast.

If you are in Cirque and in need of a costume OR your costume is too small, there will be a 'costume trade' on Wednesday, September 2, 5:30pm-6:00pm. Please bring your current costume and the bottom that goes with it to this fitting. If you have a costume and it fits, you do not need to attend. Boys do not need to attend this fitting. This fitting will be similar to last years Strongest Suit trade.

If you have any questions regarding costumes please email or

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