Thursday, September 3, 2009

Booster Meeting Agenda
September 3, 2009

1. Committees

Fundraising - Misti Hollrah (chair), Tina Greim, Stephanie Dent

Snowflake – Jennifer Alexander (chair), Karen Singletary, Tina Marso, Tina Greim

Quilt – Mary Jo Edmiston (chair)

Spirit – Mindy Fuller (chair), Cathy Zacharias, Kelly Murray, Twyla Carr,
Diana Olson, Mindy VanEaton

Breakfast with Santa – Jennifer Deaver (chair), Malinda Wainscott, Misti Hollrah,
MindyVanEaton, Stephanie Dent

Stones – Connie Fenton (chair)

Video/Picture – Misti Hollrah/Mindy Fuller (co-chairs), Rodeth Alcabasa, Todd Fuller

2. Technology

* Trying to eliminate multiple emails.
* You should only receive emails from the AFA Competition Team ( ) and AFA (
* Please DO NOT respond to these emails
* For AFA Competition Team questions/concerns, please email Jennifer Deaver at
* For AFA questions/concerns, please email Suzanne at or Whitney at

3. Blog

How is it working?

4. Fundraisers

Current fundraisers scheduled…
July 31- Cookie Dough (I)
Aug 8- Car Wash @ Hy-Vee 9-1 (I)
Sept- Launch Magazine-ongoing fundraiser (did last year-great
for renewal and gifts) (I)
Oct- Pasta Fun (I)
Nov- Christmas wreaths (I)
Dec- Breakfast w Santa
Dec - Holiday performances
Jan/Feb - Snowflake twirling contest

* This list can be added to…we are always looking for new fundraisers.

5. Dance Competition Videos

* At dance competitions, Boosters buys the team video and each family can
purchase a copy of the video (cost will be determined by the cost of the video
divided by those that participate.) This cost will be applied directly to your
booster bill.

* Generally the cost will be between $10 to $30 per competition. For
instance, if a video costs $250/25 families = $10).

A sign up sheet will go around at the next meeting for you to designate whether
you want to be included in this.

6. Treasurer’s Report

7. Other Business

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