Friday, September 4, 2009

Recycled Costumes for 2009-2010 Competiton Season

Receiver: Seller

Sea Cruise: $70
Reagan VanEaten - Aly Alacabasa
Tamara Jenkins- Sydney Dent
Delaney Fuller- Addisyn Patty
Brooke Sonsken- Kaitlyn Farmer
Yasmine Morris- Suzanne Kjellberg
Claire Dinwiddie- Mary Deaver

Butterflies/Daddy’s: $60.00
Suzanne Kjellberg- Addisyn Patty
Mary Deaver- Cassie Edmiston
Emily Carr- Aly Alacabasa
Delaney Fuller- Carlee Fenton
**Alternates are not required to buy a costume. If you wish to purchases one, the following costumes are still available.
Gracie Hollrah
Rilee Arey
Kaitlyn Farmer

Girlfriend: $90.00
Olivia Zacherias-MaKenzie Killday
Kaitlyn Farmer- Rachel O’Keefe
Grace Olson- Sammie Baker
Claire Dinwiddie- Brittney Rose
Rilee Arey- Mackenzie Murray
Carlee Fenton- Cassie Edmiston

Don’t Go:
$70.00 – finished
Grace Olson- Mackenzie Murray
Claire Dinwiddie- Savannah Singletary
$50.00 – needs to be cut (worn 2 years)
Rilee Arey-Brittney Rose
Kaitlyn Farmer- Hannah Reese
Carlee Fenton- Molly Wainscott
Aly Alacabsa- Rebekah Busick
$75.00 – needs to be cut (only worn 1 year)
Olivia Zacherias- Ashten Riecke
Sydney Dent
Mary Deaver

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