Sunday, October 4, 2009

Extra Wednesday Practice & Parade Practice Schedule

After practice this week we decided that it will be very important for a few dances to meet this Wednesday since we are out on Thursday. Please understand we are doing this to help the students and make sure they know all there dances. Missing a week can be very tough on them. Schedule for Oct.

Wednesday, Oct. 7th
4:30 Butterflies
5:00 Hokey Pokey & Do your thing
5:30 Sea Cruise
6:00 Girlfriend & Let it Rock
6:30 Don't Go
7:00 Shake & Pop
**If you are a twirler you are excused from twirling during these practice times

Parade Practice Weeks
We have parade practice the 2 weeks before homecoming. We are trying something new this year to help us make sure all dances get practiced and allow us to not run later than already scheduled on Thursdays.. The dances during parade practice we are moving to Wednesday or up a time on Thursday. Please note for these nights we are moving Butterflies up due to their age and parade practice is a lot for them.** We do have fittings on these days and we did work around major conflicts. Some may be out for a few quick minutes

Wednesday, Oct. 14th & 21st
4:30 Butterflies
5:00 Hokey Pokey & Bingo
5:30 Cirque
6:00 Work me Down
6:30 Let it Rock
7:00 Shake and Pop

Thursday, Oct. 15th and 22nd
4:30 Itsy & Mothers Prayer
5:00 Stays the same as shown on schedule
5:30-7 Parade Practice ** All students participate
7:00 and on Stays the same as shown on Schedule


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