Friday, October 2, 2009

Oct. 3rd Competition Team Notes

Competition Team Notes for October 3, 2009
Another great month! Thanks for all the extra efforts to make the Saturday practice. The dances are coming along and we are right on track. Our motto …Organization is pushing us along.


2009-2010 Costume List and Music
This will be handed on as promised on Oct. 15th. It will give a description of your costume, required tights, shoes, accessories
Wanda has all the new costume designs and the process is underway. We have started early and we appreciate you working with us through out this whole process.
Make Up
List will be provided on Oct. 15th
Same make up as last year!
Make up ‘How to Session’ Date TBD
Costume Exchange:
These should all be done at this time. Please be sure all checks have been exchanged as well.

Costume Fittings for recycled Costumes: Girlfriend, Butterflies, Cirque, Sea Cruise, Get Up, & Don’t Go
These are mandatory dates and times because we need to see the whole group together to make sure all the lines, ect line up
Oct. 14th and Oct. 21st

Wanda’s Contact: 573-874-1747

NEW Update on Stones for all Costumes:
Thank you Angie Baker!!
Order forms for stones will be subject to strict deadline and must be paid in advance for order to be placed
Sites for ordering Stones:
AFA Competition Apparel
Thank you Angie Baker!
Please place order tonight!

Warm Ups
We will use the same warm ups as last year!
We will be placing an order for anyone that needs a warm up
Boys Warm up: Will be all black with White writing

Competition 2009-2010 T-Shirts
We are in the process of finalizing our new design. Keep a look out for these order forms.
We do ask that all competition students order a t-shirt

Competition Black Leotard
Order form was due and these will be coming in!
All competition girls need to have a Competition Leotard that fits and is still in great shape
Mindi Patty has 2 AFA black Leos for sale: Child Small and Child Medium –Any Takers??
Big/Little Buddies for 2009-2010
We had each buddy fill out a get to know me form.
The Bigs are those who are 10 by January and then Littles are those that are 9 and younger in Jan.
See Big/Little handout for all the details
MU Homecoming Parade
We look forward to this annual event each year and it is quickly approaching
See separate parade note at the front desk
Upcoming Dates
October 8th: No Competition Class due to the MU Football Game
October 17th: Extra Practice If Needed –keep it on the calendar
October 14th and October 21st : Costume Fittings at AFA times above
November 13 and 14 is State Cheerleading. Isty Bitsy, Bingo, Work Me Down, Get Up, Hokey Pokey, Cha Cha Heels and possibly some twirling numbers will perform at this. It is Friday evening around 7:30, Saturday around noon and Saturday evening around 7:30 again. Not all numbers will perform at all awards ceremonies.
Wednesday, November 25 we are performing at the Volley Ball game. We will be performing the following twirling numbers at this time Carlee and Jacy; still may perform BINGO - Time TBA.
January 5th : Costume Check
o Please plan to have all costumes completed by this day. Bring each costume with you to the start of each competition class and get the teachers approval.
o Any changes that are necessary will then be completed by the Showcase, January 9th.

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