Friday, February 12, 2010

February Booster Notes

Competition Team Notes for February 4, 2010

January Showcase:
We appreciate you working with us even though it was cold. Once the dancers got going they were sweating and forgot about the temperature. A special thank you to the parents and students who arrived competition ready for the showcase. It is much appreciated when the dancers look professional.

LA Dance Magic:
LA Dance Magic was fantastic! I think we can all agree that it was a much improved performance over the showcase. Thank you, parents, for all of your support and working so hard to have the costumes stoned. They looked great on stage. The highest scoring dance for the Academy was Bingo followed by Butterflies. The ladies who made cuts for auditions were Sammie, Ally, Jacy, Cassie, Savannah, Gracie, Sydney D and Brittany. Dancers who received scholarships were Savannah, Sydney D and Brittany. Congratulations to all of our dancers for a job well done! **Thank you Mr. Fuller for copying the video and pictures from the competition**

February 6:
Snowflake Twirling Contest: NO BUDDIES

Dancers are to arrive by 7:00am with first costume on, hair and make-up complete with warm-up on.

Hair is poof and pony for all competition dance and twirling numbers

Full competition make-up including eyelashes

There will be a welcome desk at the front. Please pick up your child’s folder prior to the competition. This will have their score sheets for the day, a program and any information you will need.

They day will go by very quick and smooth if we all chip in and do our part

Props will load tonight immediately following the booster meeting and unload on Saturday at 7:00am. They will reload immediately following the afternoon competition and the final unload will be on Monday at 6:30 and the Academy.

The order for 7:30am and noon competitions is attached. Please have costumes in order and organized to assist the competition in running smoothly.

Plan for the day to be 7:00am-4:00pm.

February 19-21:
Primetime Dance Competition:
Buddy theme is ‘Picture Time!’ -picture frames, picture books..Get creative!

All costumes will be completed by this competition

We will get you the ready times as soon as they post the competition schedule. Plan for ready times to be at least 2 hours before competition time.

Anyone dancing on Saturday needs to plan to stay in St. Louis on Friday night.


Dancers should be dressed in costume with hair and make-up complete at the ready time, not performance time.

At large competitions petite dances have been known to dance on Friday nights.

Go ahead and book your room for Star power. This will be a large competition and the hotels will fill up fast!

Showbiz and Recital will be here before you know it! Recital packets will be handed out next week. The theme is being finalized and costumes ordered.


The following dances need to be sure they have the items listed
Cha-Cha Heels
Black fishnets stoned up the back
Black heels will be here Monday
Pink earrings
Life goes to a Party
Black fishnets – no stones
Itsy Bitsy
Yellow ankle and wrist ruffles
Sea Cruise
Blue neck chokers
Work me Down
Black neck choker
Red backed hoops
Let it Rock
Same choker as Work me Down
Black vest with piping
Shake and Pop
Black fingerless gloves
Black halter hoodie


Costumes that will need stones are Cha-Cha, Let it Rock and any of the above accessories. If you have enough gross left to stone with you will not need to order any. Order forms will be at the desk Monday. Please fill them out as Angie will be ordering stones on Tuesday.


These are to arrive Feb 18


Is there a volunteer to iron the Cirque curtain at each competition? **Thank you Mr. Dinwiddie for ironing it at LA Dance Magic**

Thank you everyone for the time and energy you put into our competition team. It is very much appreciated.

Reminders 2010:
Please be sure you have hotel reservations for all competitions.

The trailer will load at 6:30 on Thursday and unload at 6:30 on Monday. We need volunteers to unload the trailer at the competition and reload after the competition.

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