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Competition Team Notes December 4, 2009 Booster Meeting

Competition Team Notes for December 4, 2009

The Holiday season is upon us and that means the next step is competition season! We appreciate everyone being flexible and working to make this a great year. As we get closer to competition season please remember things can get a little crazy but in the end it all pays off when you see those smiles and sparkles on stage. Here’s to a great December of stoning, stay positive!!
Thanks for a great November. All the performances were great and we are one step closer to being performance ready.

Sunday, December 6th: Solo/Duet Check with All teachers at AFA
Time: 3:00-4:00pm rehearsal 4:00-5:00pm evaluations you may come watch
Attire: Costume if completed or Black leotard, tan tights and bootie shorts.
Hair: As you will wear it for your solo/duet
Light makeup
Please plan to bring a copy of your music with you

Monday, December 7th – Thursday December 10th: Holiday Performances each evening.
Time: Mon – Wed arrive at 5:30
Attire: Black leotard, black bootie shorts, tan tights and appropriate shoes
Hair: Poof and pony
Light Makeup
Time: 5:00 Students Arrive.
6:00 Dances Perform
Attire: Please look to end of note for what each dance will wear and the order at this performance
Hair: Pigtail buns for Itsy and Bingo. Poof and Pony for Work me Down
Light Makeup

Thursday, December 10th: Holiday Performance at the Columbia New Comers Meeting
Time and Place: 11:30 at CCMO
Performers: Sammy Baker, Rachel O’Keefe, and Carlee Fenton, Olivia Zacharias
Attire: Full Costume
Appropriate hair and light makeup

Saturday, December 12th: Holiday Performance at Breakfast with Santa @ Applebee’s
Time and Place: 7:30 at Applebee’s by the Sams Club
Performers: All AFA competition students
Attire: Red and green holiday attire. Come with your brightest holiday spirit!
Hair: Itsy and Bingo in pigtail buns, Work me down in Poof and Pony. Competition earrings and Santa hat or appropriate bows
Make up: Competition make up (no eye lashes)
Performances: Teachers will review this next week, please remember we have limited space so not all numbers can perform.

Tuesday, December 15th: Competition rehearsal
Winter Competition Schedule

Thursday, December 17th: Competition rehearsal
Winter Competition Schedule

Friday, December 18th: Cater for Academy Early Childhood Christmas Party
Time: 6:00-9:00pm
Levels 5/6/7
Attire: Please wear new silver tops, black dress pants and cute socks (no shoes at Sherry’s).
Hair/make-up: Done nicely and presentable. You are representing the Academy.
Parent Volunteers: Jennifer Alexander and Dalene Killday

Saturday, December 19th: Annual Academy Competition Ornament Exchange
Time and Place: 11-2pm at Mrs. Sherry’s House (2012 Chapel Ridge Rd).
Attire: Nice holiday wear
Please plan to have your dancer bring an ornament for an ornament exchange under $10. Please bring an appetizer of your choice.

Saturday, December 19th: Holiday Performance for Buchroeders Holiday Party
Time and Place: 8:00pm at Houlihan's restaurant
Performers: Itsy Bitsy, Vogue, and we will be adding one more dance to this performance pending who will be in town.
Attire: Full costumes and light makeup

Monday, December 21st: Competition rehearsal
Winter Competition Schedule

Tuesday, December 22nd Holiday Performance at the Bluffs
Time and Place: 3:15- 4pm at the Bluffs
Performers: All solos/duets. Any groups will depend on who will be in town. Please let us know if you will not be in town.
Attire: Full costumes and light make up

Monday, December 28th: Competition rehearsal
Winter Competition Schedule


Monday, January 4th: Hair and Make-up “how to”
For anyone who missed the first one or who came and did not participate, please mark your calendars for this date 5:00-7:00pm.

Tuesday, January 5th: Competition rehearsal
Winter Competition Schedule

Tuesday, January 5th: Costume Check **Note we may move this to the next week depending on timing
Please plan to have all costumes completed by this day. Bring each costume in organized. We will have them put their costumes on and try each dance in them.

Thursday, January 7th: Competition rehearsal
Winter Competition Schedule

Thursday, January 7th: Booster Meeting

Saturday, January 9th: Annual Academy Competition Showcase for 2010
Time and Place: Arrive at 8:30 at the *Hazel Kinder Lighthouse Theatre
Performers: All groups, solos and duets
Attire: All competition costumes including accessories
Hair: Anyone in Itsy and Bingo will wear pigtail buns. Work me down will wear poof and high pony
Make-up: Full competitions make up including eyelashes.
Please plan to have your dancer arrive at 8:30am at the side door, dressed in Academy warm up with Academy T-shirt, full makeup and hair, and have all their costumes organized by order in a bag.
An AFA team photo will be taken before the performance in warm ups.
Seating will be at 9:15. The lobby will be open while you wait. The showcase will begin at 9:30am.
Parents get to watch! There will be backstage helpers to assist in changing.
*Remember the drive is close to 25 min so please plan accordingly

Tuesday, January 12th: Competition rehearsal
Winter Competition Schedule

Thursday, January 14th: Competition rehearsal
Winter Competition Schedule

Friday, January 15th - Sunday, January 17th: LA Dance Magic in St. Louis

Monday, January 18th: Instructional Classes Resume

Competition Dances
It is that time of the year that all students should have all competition dances completely memorized. It is now time to clean and polish dances to make sure they are competition ready. Please understand the teachers are working hard to make sure dances are ready and all changes are for the good of the team. If your child needs extra help please get with the teachers.

All competitor shoes should be paid for and tried on at this point. We will wear these for all performances and competitions from here on out beginning with the Holiday performance
Please remember competition shoes are to only be worn at competition not to practice
The black/white tap shoes are the only shoes to be worn in class.
Make Up
Please be sure at this time you have all the makeup on the list
We are still looking for a white eye pencil to highlight brows and corner of eyes
We will be having one more ‘how to’ for make up and hair, mainly for senior and junior numbers. Date TBA.
Costume Exchange and Fittings:
Thanks for being flexible and getting to AFA for fittings!!
All group costumes are in the process of being completed. Please try to keep in mind group fittings will usually be on Wednesday at 5:30. If you miss please plan to set up to see Wanda at her house that week
Everyone should be paid up here
Wanda’s Contact: 573-874-1747

Stones for all Costumes:
You should have your stones
As you get a costume, you will receive the stone design. Please try to stay on top of the stoning as it all needs to be completed by Jan. 5th. (There may be a few costumes with a later date but this will be communicated)

We need a few volunteers to help get the props made and ready to go.
Tent Covers: Mindy Fuller
Elephant Costume and Popcorn Box:
Tiger Costume:
Monkey Costume:

Prop Parents:
· Itsy Bitsy Tent/Cirque Tent: Fuller
· Cirque curtain and tight rope poles: Jenkins
· Cirque Trampoline: Arey
· Cirque ball and bike: Singletary
· Cirque Stage: Edmiston
· Cirque Batons and Ribbons: Fenton/Alexander
· Mothers Prayer Bed: Edmiston
· Miss Invisible Stage: Alacabasa

AFA Competition Apparel
Orders are in and we are sending for embroidery: Please fill out the sheet with how you want the embroidery (full name or initials)
There are a few items that are not available anymore, Angie will contact you if that effects your order and give you an alternative if you are interested

Warm Ups
Orders will be placed on Monday, Dec. 7th and
Boys Warm up: Will be all black with white lettering

Competition 2009-2010 T-Shirts
Orders placed Monday, Dec. 7th
We do ask that all competition students order a t-shirt and its great when the Moms can show their support as well!
The shirts are American Apparel (like recital). Child sizes are crew neck and Adult sizes are V neck. We ask students order white. There is the option of black for parents.
Design at the front desk

Competition Black Leotard
Order placed

Academy Tops/Tanks
Placing this order Monday, Dec. 7th

Other fun Items
Ball cap will now say Academy & cost will be $24 now for that extra stitching.
Leggings with the Academy on the leg
Fleece blankets in the black and white polka dot…working on this!

LA Dance Magic
January 16th - 17th
All competition students need to be in St. Louis Friday night before 8:00pm.
Please remember this is a very long weekend, get them to bed as early as possible throughout the week and on Friday. We want to be our best this weekend!
No swimming at the hotels
Workshop Classes – They have added classes this year so we will get even more out of it! Unfortunately that means longer days.
Saturday: Meet at the bottom of the stairs at 7:00am, ready to dance, to receive your wristband. Everyone needs to be in black AFA attire, you may where the bra top, tank top, leotard and booty shorts. Just be sure you are in black and white! All Jumpstart and Junior girls need to wear hair in the pigtail buns, performance ready with lots of spray. (We hope this stays and then we will be ready for the competition). Seniors may wear hair as they wish as long as it is tidy.
Saturday night competition: This runs VERY quickly. Please arrive on time (we will give the exact time as it gets closer) and have everything organized and ready to use.
Sunday: Meet at the bottom of the stairs at 6:30am to warm up for auditions. Feel free to wear something that will help you stand out! Hair is the same as Saturday.
The rooms are broken down by age. In the Jumpstart and Junior rooms there is an overlap in age. We will be talking to those with the overlap individually about the best option for your child
Senior room: 12 and over
Junior room: 7-11
Jumpstart: 8 and under

All competitions students ages 7 and older need to participate in these auditions Sunday morning. Please have your student at the bottom of the stairs dressed and ready for the auditions at 6:30am. We will warm up as a group. Auditions begin promptly at 7:00am. All students need competition ready hair, earrings, barrettes and or bows and minimal makeup.
Have fun and SMILE J

Reminders 2010:
*Please be sure you have hotel reservations for all competitions.

Costumes for Thursday, December 10 and tentative schedule
Cirque – G: Polka dot costume with appropriate bottoms B: Black pants and white polo

Let it Rock – Black leotard and jeans from home

Mother’s Prayer – Don’t Go Turquoise tops with brown shorts

Hokey Pokey – G: Strongest suit costume B: Black pants and white polo

Don’t Go – Turquoise tops with brown shorts

Cha-Cha Heels – Gold fringe dresses

Girlfriend – Pink/Jean costume

Itsy Bitsy – G: Pink/yellow 2 piece B: Khakis shorts and yellow polo

Life Goes to a Party – Black leotard and black bootie shorts

Do Your Thing – Turquoise top, black bootie shorts, suspenders

Tiny Dancer – Black leotard, black bootie shorts and white halter tops

Sea Cruise – Pink sailor costume

Miss Invisible – Blue dresses or black leotard and black bootie shorts if not finished

Butterflies – Blue/White dress

Shake and Pop – Black leotard and colored jeans (if Wanda has yours wear jeans from home)

Get up – Competition costume

Work Me Down – Black leotard, black bootie shorts and white halter tops

Bingo – Yellow/pink leotard and jean shorts

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