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Competition Team Notes Jan. 12, 2010

Competition Team Notes for January 12, 2010
We have the hard part of competition season almost over!! As with any competitive activity times can get a little tense but we appreciate all that each of you are doing to make this a great year!! Here’s to a great 2010!!

All of the Holiday performances went great! Thank you to those of you that could participate in them. These are great fundraisers and are very fun for everyone involved.
Buchroeders – 300
Nursing Home – 500
AFA Staff Party – 500
Breakfast with Santa – a little shy of 1000
Women’s Luncheon – 200?

Thursday, January 14th: Competition rehearsal
Winter Competition Schedule

Friday, January 15th - Sunday, January 17th: LA Dance Magic in St. Louis

Monday, January 18th: Instructional Classes Resume

Competition Showcase
The showcase went very smoothly. Thank you for everyone that came with hair and make-up complete. As teachers, we have watched the video and are working on things that can be improved upon. Please keep in mind there are a lot of people putting in many hours to make our competition team the best it can be. We ask that you do the same when it comes to preparation for performances and competitions. The total cost for the Showcase is $350 for the building and heat.

All correct shoes will be worn for every competition. Practice shoes of each style should be in the dancers bag to for practice
Make Up
All make up including eyelashes and rhinestones are to be worn for every competition and performance.
Costume Fittings:
Wanda is working as hard as she can to have everything finished for Saturday.
We might need volunteers to help with bow making for Bingo and Itsy
Wanda’s Contact: 573-874-1747
The costumes left to stone are Miss Invisible, Shake and Pop, Life Goes to a Party, Tiny Dancer and Work me Down. Please be sure you are working and these and will have them done by Saturday.

Prop Parents:
· Itsy Bitsy Tent/Cirque Tent: Fuller and Griem
· Cirque curtain and tight rope poles: Jenkins
· Cirque Trampoline: Arey
· Cirque ball and bike: Singletary
· Cirque Stage: Edmiston
· Cirque Batons and twirl flags: Fenton/Alexander
· Elephant Head: VanEaten
· Mothers Prayer Bed: Edmiston
· Miss Invisible Stage: Alacabasa and Killday

Trailer loading
The trailer will load at 6:30 on Thursday and unload at 6:30 on Monday. We need volunteers to unload the trailer at the competition and reload after the competition.

Group Moms
Moms are to check the dancers to be sure they are appropriately dressed. Make-up and hair should be professional and accessories checked before going backstage.
Cirque –Carr, Dinwiddie, Griem, Kjellberg,
Let it Rock – Marso
Hokey Pokey – Carr and VanEaten
Mother’s Prayer – Deaver
Cha-Cha Heels- Murray
Don’t Go – Edmiston and Alexander
Butterflies – Dent and Martin
Girlfriend – Fenton
Tiny Dancer – O’Keefe
Life Goes to a Party – Hollrah
Do Your Thing – Farmer
Shake and Pop – Baker and Singletary
Get Up – Fuller
Work me Down – Wainscott and Singletary
Sea Cruise – Olson and Zacharias
Miss Invisible – Killday and Alacabasa
Itsy Bitsy – Kjellberg, Dinwiddie and Morris
Bingo – Arey and Sonksen

Snowflake Twirling Contest
Dancers will perform that morning at 7:30 and again at lunch at 11:30. More detailed information to come.
Clerks: Alacabasa, Marso, Murray, Okeefe
Starters: Carr/Olson, Deaver/Zacharias, Dinwiddie/Dent, Singletary/Kjellberg
Clerks: Baker, Killday, Reese, Wainscott
Starters: S Hollrah/VanEaten, G Hollrah/Morris, Sonsken/Fuller, Arey/Farmer

Reminders 2010:
*Please be sure you have hotel reservations for all competitions.

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