Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LA Dance Magic Details

LA Dance Magic –
January 16th - 17th
All competition students need to be in St. Louis early Friday evening.
Please remember this is a very long weekend, get students to bed as early as possible throughout the week and on Friday. We want to be our best this weekend!
No swimming at the hotels
Those staying at Residence Inn Shuttle Riders
Saturday Shuttle ride meet Ms. Whitney at 6:45 am—Please let us know who you are?
Sunday Shuttle ride meet Ms. Whitney at 6:20am – Please let us know who you are?
Parents feel free to meet us over at the workshop
Shuttle the rest of the weekend runs 7am to 10:30pm just call 314-289-7500
Breakfast is 7-10am ( I am working on getting them to feed us at 6:30am)
All rooms have full fridge and kitchen so you can bring breakfast food, food for the next day, ect.

Workshop Classes – They have added classes this year so we will get even more out of it! Unfortunately that means longer days.

Saturday: Meet at the bottom of the stairs at 7:00am, ready to dance, to receive your wristband. Everyone needs to be in black AFA attire and new bows (handed out on Thursday). You may wear AFA bra top, tank top, leotard and booty shorts. You may wear other black and white items with these. Just be sure you are in black and white!
**All Jumpstart and Junior girls need to wear hair in the pigtail buns, performance ready with lots of spray and new bows. (We hope this stays and then we will be ready for the competition).
**Seniors may wear hair as they wish as long as it is tidy with their new bow.
**Boys: Competition t-shirts with black warm up type pants or shorts

Saturday evening competition:
*Juniors arrive at 2:45. Dressed and ready in first costume. Eat dinner during your break and bring snacks for between dances.
*Seniors arrive for the competition with first costume, hair and make-up complete and warm up
This runs VERY quickly. Please arrive on time and have everything organized and ready.

Sunday: Meet at the bottom of the stairs at 6:30am to warm up for auditions. Feel free to wear something that will help you stand out! Hair is the same as Saturday.

The rooms are broken down by age. In the Jumpstart and Junior rooms there is an overlap in age. We have talked to those with the overlap individually about the best option for your child
Senior room: 12 and over
Junior room: 7-11
Jumpstart: 8 and under

Auditions: All competitions students in Junior and Senior need to participate in these auditions Sunday morning. Please have your student at the bottom of the stairs dressed and ready for the auditions at 6:30am. We will warm up as a group. Auditions begin promptly at 7:00am. All students need competition ready hair, earrings, barrettes and or bows and minimal makeup.
Have fun and SMILE

Big/Little Buddies
The theme for this competition is ‘something fun that has to do with writing or coloring’
Please plan to bring the wrapped gift on Thursday and place in the box in the entrance way; Please be sure the To and From is very clear;

Have old shoes for practice. The carpet will eat them.
Have healthy snacks and a water bottle in the dancers bag.
Suggest bringing a cooler with your lunch, dinner (for Sat), and snacks. This will help avoid long lines
Have lunch their 15 mins prior to lunch. We will eat as a group and review our dances for the competition that evening
Encourage your dancer to stay close to the front of the room
All classes need to be attended by all students

Friday – Work to arrive and be in bed no later than 8. It is a very long weekend.

Saturday –
7:00 Everyone meet downstairs in the lobby with breakfast finished ready to dance
7:30 Warm up for everyone in senior room
11:00 Have lunch for juniors ready. They will eat at 11:15 and we will rehearse the competition dances.
11:15 Have lunch for Seniors ready. They will eat at 11:30 and we will rehearse the competition dances. Jumpstart dancers are done with classes. They will eat while we rehearse competition dances before going to rest.
12:15 and 12:30 Classes resume
2:15 Junior classes end. Eat and get ready for competition **please be aware there is really not enough time to leave and come back
2:30 Senior classes end. Eat and get ready for competition.
3:00 Juniors arrive back downstairs ready for competition and have eaten a snack with first costume and warm-up on ready to compete
4:00 Competition begins
4:00 Seniors arrive downstairs ready for competition and have eaten a snack with first costume and warm-up on ready to compete.
Have a packed dinner for them to eat between dances.
Lights out as soon as competition is finished

Sunday –
6:30 Juniors and Seniors meet downstairs with breakfast finished to warm up as a team.
7:00 Auditions begin – tardy dancers will miss out L
8:30 Classes begin
11:15 Junior lunch. Arrive 15 min ahead with lunch so when they come out they can eat.
11:45 Senior lunch
2:30 Classes end
3:00 Faculty and award show begins!!

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